E3: Summary of Microsoft’s Xbox One presentation

Xbox One E3

Today E3 has officially begun. Microsoft finally revealed some games for the Xbox One. Redditor Nothis has compiled a blow by blow of what happened.

All times are Pacific Time!
09:30AM: Scheduled start of the conference
09:35AM: Actual start
09:37AM: “Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain” trailer
09:39AM: Looks open world, vehicles, horses, set in Afghanistan
09:44AM: Don Mattrick on Stage with Hideo Kojima. “It’s all about the games”
09:45AM: Yusuf Mehdi introduces new Xbox 360. Smaller, quieter, available today.
09:47AM: Xbox Live members will get 2 free games beginning July 1st
09:48AM: World of Tanks trailer, coming to Xbox 360
09:49AM: Victor Kislyi presents “World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition”, tuned for controllers, F2P, 360 exclusive
09:50AM: New 360 game: “Max The Curse of Brotherhood”, looks like a cartoony, cute platformer
09:52AM: Another new 360 game: “Dark Souls II”!
09:53AM: Phil Spencer starting of Xbox ONE part of the conference
09:55AM: Trailer for “Ryse: Son of Rome”, set in ancient Rome, third person combat, quick time events
09:59AM: Fighting in army, formations, commands.
10:00AM: More quick time events
10:00AM: Cevat Yerli from Crytek talks about “Ryse: Son of Rome”
10:01AM: Ryse to be “exclusive at launch” (i.e. not exclusive after launch?)
10:02AM: Trailer for “Killer Instinct”, Xbox ONE exclusive
10:03AM: Don Mattrick introduces Ted Price from Insomniac to present “Sunset Overdrive”
10:04AM: Bright, cartoony look, over-the-top free running, insane jumps, guns, monsters
10:06AM: Real life McClaren car video introduces “Forza 5”
10:07AM: There’s a car on the stage
10:08AM: Dan Greenawalt says there is “air that you feel”. Morpheus would disagree.
10:09AM: AI drives like real people, learns from your driving and drives in races for you “in the cloud” (literally, while you’re offline!?!)
10:10AM: The cloud makes it possible. The cloud. The cloud.
10:11AM: Actual trailer for Forza 5, available on launch of Xbox ONE
10:12AM: Phil Harrison talks about indie games
10:13AM: Yup, that’s an Xbox ONE “Minecraft” trailer! (Bigger maps, graphics look the same)
10:14AM: Sam Lake talks about “Quantum Break”, “Blurring the lines between gaming and television”, XBone exclusive
10:15AM: Actual scene from “Quantum Break”, “a failed science experiment broke down time, causing it to stutter and freeze”
10:16AM: Character walks around in frozen time, touching a person brings her into frozen time, too
10:18AM: “D4” trailer (from the Deadly Premonition guys, looks as weird)
10:19AM: Microsoft Studios’ Dave McCartney presents “Project Spark”, voice controlled terrain generation?
10:20AM: Sculpting terrain with Smart Glass, Bridge placed… character thrown in, “town square” placed
10:21AM: Take a rock, give rock a brain, basic AI: “Jump at things”… rock becomes alive, fights for player
10:22AM: 3 Days later… Players continued shaping the game, moving landscapes, meteor, horde of enemies, lava
10:23AM: It’s a “blank canvas” you can make your own game out of. Nice idea! Xbox ONE and Windows 8.
10:24AM: Marc Whitten talks about Xbox Live. Smart Glass, etc…
10:25AM: Ryse Smart Glass features on a tablet. Achievements of friends, etc, shown as “time line”
10:26AM: Smart matching technology demonstrated on a Killer Instinct match, embarrassing, rehearsed smack talk
10:27AM: “Xbox, upload studio!”, Share gameplay videos right from Xbox ONE, kinda like the PS4 thing.
10:28AM: Shared on the cloud. The cloud. The cloud.
10:29AM: Twitch integration! You can stream your gameplay live
10:30AM: No more MS points, real money. Xbox Live Gold shared with people in the house
10:31AM: Trailer with dragons… but no sound. Oups! “Crimson Dragon”
10:32AM: Josh Bridge and Mike Jones present “Dead Rising 3”, trailer starts
10:35AM: No load times, massive scale, gameplay demonstration
10:36AM: Flare gun distracts huge hoard of zombies
10:37AM: “Everything is a weapon”, crafting weapons like in previous DR games. Driving in cars.
10:38AM: Smart Glass on mobile phone calls artillery support in game. Why?
10:39AM: “Coming this holiday, exclusively for Xbox ONE!”
10:40AM: John Mamias from CD Projekt Red introduces “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”
10:41AM: Optional voice commands in combat, Smart Glass use
10:41AM: New trailer for The Witcher 3, “Multi-region open world”
10:43AM: “Unedited footage of Battlefield 4 at 60 FPS!!!”… but video doesn’t work. Neckbeards booing.
10:45AM: Works now. Singleplayer. Gameplay looks like every single AAA FPS game since 2007, really.
10:47AM: Takes place on a sinking aircraft carrier? Jets are sliding down into the sea… explosions, yelling.
10:50AM: On a boat now… aaand it’s over.
10:51AM: “Battlefield 4: Second Assault” is a Map Pack that will be “first on Xbox ONE”
10:52AM: Trailer for “Below” from the Swords and Sorcery EP guys, whatliesbelow.com
10:53AM: Black Tusk Studios shows trailer for “exclusive”. Stealth-action-y gameplay of a guy climbing down a skyscraper.
10:54AM: Another exclusive: It’s Master Chief in a desert! “Halo”
10:55AM: Bonnie Ross from 343 introduces “Halo”… yea, no numbers. 60 FPS! 2014.
10:57AM: Xbox ONE launches this November all around the world: $499 in the US, 499€ in EU, 429 pounds in the UK!
10:58AM: Respawn game!
10:59AM: Fast-paced Mech gameplay on a different planet. “This is our land and I will fight for it!”
11:00AM: Looks like CoD with Mechs, named “Titanfall”
11:00AM: CEO of Respawn, Vice Zampella is on stage
11:01AM: New experiences thanks to the cloud. The cloud. Not possible without the cloud. (No mention what it is)
11:02AM: Gameplay demo. Short story-y intro but then looks like multiplayer. “Get control of as many hard points as you can!”
11:03AM: Foot combat looks like COD. XP, everything. Player gets told “Titan Suit” is ready “Stand by for Titan fall”… ohhh.
11:05AM: Player in Mech now, about 5 meters high. Rather agile, rockets, ejected from seat, jumps on other mech and takes it down by shooting the guy inside.
11:06AM: Aaand it’s over. That’s it folks!


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