Drift Stage: An indie game that is championing the spirit of Yu Suzuki

Chances are if you played games in the 80’s, you are familiar with Sega’s incredible arcade heritage, which is often highlighted by racing titles like Outrun, Hang-On, and Daytona USA. Currently, to get those type of gameplay experiences, your options are limited to playing those classics, which were all headed by legendary game designer Yu Suzuki. Chase Pettit & Charles Blanchard plan to breathe new life into the classic arcade racing genre with Drift Stage.


We don’t often get excited by new games this early, but the screenshots and gameplay footage of the game are inspiring and refreshing. The gameplay looks quite similar to Outrun 2/Outrun 2006, which is a great thing. Drifting appears to be smooth and visually rewarding with your 80’s looking sports car burning rubber smoke clouds. Based on screenshots found on the Drift Stage website, it also looks like 4 player split screen will be a thing too. Incredible. The fun extends beyond gameplay and graphics; the music, which is being created by Myrone, is just down right fun to hear.

Check out this test footage of Drift Stage (Gameplay video)…

Drift Stage screenshots and images…





Currently the title is being planned for PC & Mac, but the devs are hoping to get Drift Stage on consoles too.

Check out the official site to stay up to date with this awesome looking game.

This article includes resources gathered from our in-house investigative reporter, George Eleftheriou

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