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CD Projekt RED says that The Witcher 3 is officially DRM-Free

witcher 3 DRM Free Screenshot

The open world action RPG The Witcher 3 was confirmed to be DRM-Free by developer CD Projekt RED. The studio is apparently trying to away from DRM completely. Game designer Maciej Szczesnik stated, “We are trying to get rid of DRM. If someone wants to pirate a game, eventually he will.” Adam Badowski, the managing director, then added, “Which is bad, of course, but you can’t do anything [ Read More... ]

CD Projekt Red talks multiplayer & open world in Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 art 1

CD Projekt Red has a track record of making very enjoyable single player RPGs with their Witcher series. Consequently, they have gained a very loyal fan base. Now they’re taking on multiplayer for their upcoming science fiction RPG, Cyberpunk 2077.

It will be a story-based RPG experience with amazing single-player playthroughs, but we’re going to add multiplayer features,” CDPR managing director Adam Badowski told Eurogamer.net.

He also … [ Read More... ]

The Witcher 3 Confirmed for PS4

Witcher 3 PS4 Screenshot

CD Projekt RED almost immediately released a press release after Sony’s big Playstation Event announcing their upcoming RPG, The Witcher 3, will be on Playstation 4. Interestingly, this will be the first of The Witcher series to make it on a Playstation console as the series has previously been Xbox 360, PC and Mac only. CD Projekt RED emphasizes that their brand new tech REDengine 3 is … [ Read More... ]

CD Projekt RED Announces The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Pictures & Video)

The Witcher 3 art CD Projekt Red 6

Fans of the RPG series The Witcher can get ready to jump up and click their magical heels. Polish developer CD Projekt RED has officially announced The Witcher 3. They’ve revealed quite a few details and a bunch of artwork regarding the upcoming game.

Here are a few highlights that have been revealed publicly…

  • Standalone sequel
  • Fascinating stories and characters
  • Non-linear plotlines
  • Open world 30 times larger than The
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