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Save Money: Halo 4 Price Drops to $39.99

Halo 4 Price Drop

It’s kinda surprising to see well selling, AAA games drop in price. Especially massive titles like Microsoft & 343 IndustriesHalo 4. But it’s true… retailers including Amazon & Gamestop have reduced the price to just $39.99 which is nice to see.

Watch the Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer below…

Halo 4 includes all new single player and multiplayer content. It also includes Forge mode which was developed … [ Read More... ]

Creators of Halo 4’s Forge Mode Created Some Tutorials

So you wanna know how to make your own maps in Halo 4’s Forge Mode? Well the cool people at Certain Affinity are here to help. They’ve published 4 tutorials on making Halo 4 maps ranging from the basics to more advanced setups for CTF and more. They even show you how to make a Mongoose race track in Halo 4.

Here’s the first video entitled Halo 4 [ Read More... ]

The Mastermind Behind Halo & COD Multiplayer: Max Hoberman of Certain Affinity Interview

At Quakecon we caught up with Max Hoberman, the President and Creative Director of Austin based game studio Certain Affinity.

Max Hoberman has been in the game industry for years, with his humble beginnings as a Mac gamer playing Bungie’s Marathon. He eventually went on to work with Bungie for about 10 years on various games including Halo and Oni. After that he made his own … [ Read More... ]