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Rumors: Xbox Next to Block Used Games & Require Internet

Xbox 720 to Block Used Games Require Internet

This is an old rumor that has started making the rounds again. There’s no real founding to it other than “sources.” If blocking used games is something that’s done on the next Xbox, that would mean no more buying games a couple weeks after they come out, used. No more browsing the used bin in a few years finding some goodies for 5 or 10 bucks.

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GTA5: Trailer 2 Teaser Image + Release Date?

Rockstar Games announced that they will be showing a second Grand Theft Auto 5 trailer. This comes a year after the first trailer for GTAV which revealed the location of the game. The Grand Theft Auto V trailer release is date is November 11, 2012.

Today is also the day that retailers began taking pre orders for the upcoming free roam crime game. Retailers include Gamestop, Amazon[ Read More... ]