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Watch Dogs: New trailer, screenshots, & preorder info


Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer, titled Out of Control, for their upcoming game Watch_Dogs. Not only does the trailer give a little more insight into that game and how it will play out, but at the end it unveils the “Collectors”, in this case the “DEDSEC,” edition of the game, as well as a definitive release date. The “DEDSEC_Edition” of the game seems … [ Read More... ]

GameStop CEO hypes up the Next Xbox: Could this mean Durango won’t block used games?

GameStop CEO Next Xbox Durango block used games

In a recent interview, GameStop CEO J. Paul Raines expressed a lot of enthusiasm for Microsoft’s yet to be announced next gen Xbox. The elusive hardware which is codenamed Durango and dubbed Xbox Next or Xbox 720 by fans is surrounded by many rumors. The 2 most controversial issues are it’s always-online DRM requirements and the other being that it may block used games. While this interview in no … [ Read More... ]

Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown release date set for Japan & US

Dragon's Crown Vanillaware Atlus screenshot 2

The side scrolling beat’em up RPG Dragon’s Crown now has a release date in Japan according to Japanese gaming paper Famitsu. It’s being released for Playstation 3 and PS Vita on July 25, 2013.

Amazon.com & Gamestop both list show the US release date of Dragon’s Crown as August 06, 2013 for both PS3 and Vita.

The title is being developed by Vanillaware and published by Atlas.… [ Read More... ]

GameStop President talks Playstation Vita price drop, PS4 Shortages & more

GameStop President talks Playstation Vita price drop PS4 Shortages

In a recent interview GameStop president, Tony Bartel, talked shop on the business of selling the Playstation 4. He also expressed interest in improving the Playstation Vita’s sales.

When asked about Sony dropping the price of the PS Vita, Bartel responded, “We’re always happy to see a price cut! Both bundles and price cuts tend to spur additional sales, so this would make sense leading up [ Read More... ]