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Shadow of the Eternals, spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness, reveal & trailer (Updated)

Shadow of the Eternals screenshot 1

There have been several rumors over the last decade pertaining to a true sequel to Nintendo Gamecube exclusive Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, but with the current sad state of the original developers, Canadian based Silicon Knights, most of these rumors have been dismissed, and none have had any real evidence emerge to solidify them as more than just rumors. That all changes today with the announcement of a … [ Read More... ]

Watch Dogs: New trailer, screenshots, & preorder info


Ubisoft has unveiled a new trailer, titled Out of Control, for their upcoming game Watch_Dogs. Not only does the trailer give a little more insight into that game and how it will play out, but at the end it unveils the “Collectors”, in this case the “DEDSEC,” edition of the game, as well as a definitive release date. The “DEDSEC_Edition” of the game seems … [ Read More... ]

Online retailer leaks the new COD box art… Call of Duty: Ghosts

Spanish retailer has posted the supposed WII U box art of the recently leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts. COD: Ghosts was first leaked last week when IGN spotted a listing for the game on the website of the British merchandisers TESCO.

Call of Duty Ghosts leak

Fan and media speculation alike anticipates that the game may be a departure from the “traditional” Call of Duty installments we’ve seen over the last 5 years … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo annonces Earthbound on Wii U

Nintendo annonces Earthbound Wii U 3

To the delight of Nintendo fans everywhere the big N has finally announced that the cult classic SNES RPG Earthbound would soon be seeing a re-release in the North America, and for the first time ever it will also be released in Europe. While no release date was given, in the latest Nintendo Direct, President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata did confirm that the game would be … [ Read More... ]