Online retailer leaks the new COD box art… Call of Duty: Ghosts

Spanish retailer has posted the supposed WII U box art of the recently leaked Call of Duty: Ghosts. COD: Ghosts was first leaked last week when IGN spotted a listing for the game on the website of the British merchandisers TESCO.

Call of Duty Ghosts leak

Fan and media speculation alike anticipates that the game may be a departure from the “traditional” Call of Duty installments we’ve seen over the last 5 years or so with the constant rehashes of the Modern Warfare and Black Ops story arcs. The name Ghost, especially in the context of military style games, generally implies a stealth element within the game play with examples being the Ghost Recon series, or the never released Star Craft: Ghost. Yet it’s hard to believe that Activison could take such a gamble, fans of the Call of Duty series generally have certain expectations from the game, and it’s tight corridor, almost on rails, shooter atmosphere is what really defines all the recent Call of Duty releases. Stealth action games on the other hand, are generally not built around a constantly moving forward, rail like feel, but rather the game play areas are generally designed to be huge and open for exploration, with multiple paths and options along the way to vary the outcome of the level for each play through the game.

Whatever the next Call of Duty title may or may not play like, the leaked box art does at least seem to look legitimate. We are expecting Call of Duty: Ghosts to release Holiday 2013, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, and whatever next gen Microsoft console is in the works.

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