Starcraft: Ghost “has never been cancelled”

starcraft ghost

In a bit of unexpected news, Matthew Burger of Blizzard Entertainment let it be known that Starcraft: Ghost was never officially cancelled, but that it is still merely “on hold.” This fuel was added to the rumor fire by Burger during an interview about the PlayStation release of Diablo 3 in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine.

Starcraft: Ghost was a planned spin-off to Blizzard‘s successful franchise. It was a third person stealth action game, based around a female Terran Ghost name Nova, and was originally announced in late 2002. In contrast to most Blizzard games, Ghost was to be a console release and if all had panned out it would have been playable on Xbox, PlayStation 2, and GameCube. After switching developers, from Nihilistic Software to Swingin’ Ape Studios, the game was put on indefinite hold by Blizzard in 2006. Blizzard later confirmed that this was done in order to allocate more resources to World of WarCraft, which was still in its initial launch period.

starcraft ghost 2

The console gaming community highly anticipated Starcraft: Ghost, and very high expectations were held by fans of Blizzard‘s franchises. While in no way does the bit of news let out by Burger confirm that we’ll actually see Ghost ever release, he did give a simple “maybe” when asked just that.


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