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Top 5 Racing Game Franchises

Racing games have been a part of gaming since the beginning with games like Night Driver and Rally X. Since then, they’ve gone from quirky and simplistic games to beautiful AAA masterpieces. While many still offer casual, arcade style gameplay some opt for the serious simulation route. We’ve compiled a list of OUR Top 3 Racing Games Franchises of all time.

#1 Gran Turismo (Polyphony Digital)

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Playstation Move Steering Wheel Video

Sony has finally released a driving wheel accessory for the Playstation Move. Don’t ask us why it took so long to come out… I always thought it might be cool to use the Dual Shock 3′s built in motion controls as a steering wheel in Gran Turismo 5. Just out of pure convenience for casual play. This takes it a step further with a pretty good price … [ Read More... ]