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The Phantom Pain Site Updated; Joakim Mogren says “unlikely” to appear at Sony’s show tonight

Remember all the zaniness that is Joakim Mogren & Moby Dick Studios making a game called The Phantom Pain? Yeah, the one everyone thinks is Metal Gear Solid 5. Well, Joakim Mogren posted on social media today to let us know that we probably won’t see The Phantom Pain tonight on the Playstation Meeting 2013 event. Given the strange nature of this whole situation,  I say thats … [ Read More... ]

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain Trailer & Screens

Get ready to watch a trailer that is filled with “when you see it you’ll shit bricks” moments. At Spike’s 2012 Video Game Awards (VGAs) a mysterious new game was debuted called The Phantom Pain created by the equally mysterious company Moby Dick Studios. Many details and clues in this video have lead people to believe that this is indeed Metal Gear Solid 5. Without further … [ Read More... ]