Sony: GamesCom gives a fighting chance?

It seems Sony, might be getting their act together and taking their work seriously.

The Playstation Vita which was so utterly betrayed at E3, was given a warm reception at Gamescom. They finally seized some opportunities that they’d ignored at E3 this year, and they’re coming up with more PSN exclusives which should help them beef up their support base, it would be nice to see more support looking toward serious gamers, as we’re the most likely to buy an expensive handheld gaming console these days.

Sony has also stepped up its game, with new exclusive titles that are really shaping up to be interesting and unique. Along with Wonderbook, which got a rather cold shoulder at E3, got to flex a bit more muscle at Gamescom.


It seems Sony is finally getting serious, and realizing that if they want to stay the console kings, they’re going to have to fight for it. So what can we expect when we see PS4?

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