New DayZ Update Adds Dogs

DayZ, the open world, online zombie survival mod will be receiving an update with a significantly new gameplay element… Dogs.

That’s right, now man’s best friend can help you survive in the harsh world that is DayZ. Dogs in DayZ get better the more they’re used and learn. At first, they are not very useful just as any dog would be in real life. But as time goes … [ Read More... ]

European PS1 Classics list for Vita puts Sony US to Shame

The Playstation Vita can now officially play and download Playstation 1 Classics from the PSN Store.

Check out the list of games available for the Playstation Vita in the US Playstation Network Store:

Arc the Lad
Cool Boarders 2
Hot Shots Golf 2
Jet Moto
Syphon Filter
Tomb Raider
Twisted Metal 2
Wild Arms

Slim picking to say the least. You’d think at this point … [ Read More... ]

McFarlane Toys release new Halo 4 Action Figures

Check out these detailed action figures by McFarlane toys. These Halo 4 action figures are coming out this month and may already be in stores depending on where you are.

Shown below is Master Chief, Red Spartan, and a Covenant Elite

There will also be a line of vehicle sets including the Warthog and Hornet from Halo 4

Read Kotaku’s impression of the Halo 4 action figures[ Read More... ]