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GameOn Expo 2018



GameOn Expo in Phoenix, Arizona is an awesome con for gamers (from tabletop to arcade to PC to console). It may be smaller in size but with a full arcade and vendors selling games any collector would want-GameOn Expo is definitely not a convention to stick your nose up at. From having more viral popular games on the big screen such as Fortnite,  classics like Mario [ Read More... ]

Video Game Tube: The Glitch

The Glitch by Corridor Digital

We’ve all seen it… the gun stuck in the ground. The red ninja. The red fireball. The hidden world. Glitches. Film makers Corridor Digital have made a funny video centered around such glitches. Watch it below…

You can see cameos by characters like Mario, Link from Zelda, a Call of Duty type character, Minecraft Player and Halo’s Master Chief as they all get wrecked from a glitchy game. … [ Read More... ]

Cinematic Halo 4 Launch Trailer Enlists Hollywood Muscle

If you couldn’t tell by the hordes of Halo fan boys simultaneously climaxing, a new Halo 4 trailer has been released. Highly cinematic and dramatic, it depicts the upbringing and creation of the series hero Master Chief. You can also see some beautifully rendered battle footage between the Spartans against their new (old) enemies the Prometheans.

Watch the Halo 4 Launch Trailer yourself…

The short film titled “Scanned” … [ Read More... ]

New Halo 4 Trailers shows off Promethean Weapons

The new enemies in 343 Industries’ Halo 4 are called Prometheans. And guess what? They have their own weapons too. (ofcourse)

Exclusive Halo Waypoint Halo 4 trailer with lots of Halo 4 gameplay video

This trailer shows various guns spanning machine guns, rifles, shotguns and a rocket launcher. Each weapon looks like loud and powerful and kinda reminded me of Quake 3 Arena (thats a good thing). There’s … [ Read More... ]