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Square Enix created a PlayArts Metal Gear Hideo Kojima Raiden Figure


Square Enix does more than make video games and publish manga as Gangan Comics, they also create beautifully detailed collectible ‘PlayArts‘ figures. The upcoming Kojima Productions game Metal Gear Rising will be getting a PlayArts Raiden figurine.  However to mark the release of Metal Gear Rising Square Enix sent Metal Gear series creator, Hideo Kojima, a custom one-of-a-kind Raiden figure with his face on it. … [ Read More... ]

McFarlane Toys release new Halo 4 Action Figures

Check out these detailed action figures by McFarlane toys. These Halo 4 action figures are coming out this month and may already be in stores depending on where you are.

Shown below is Master Chief, Red Spartan, and a Covenant Elite

There will also be a line of vehicle sets including the Warthog and Hornet from Halo 4

Read Kotaku’s impression of the Halo 4 action figures[ Read More... ]