Voice Acting Interview with Phil LaMarr

This month we were lucky enough to catch up with voice actor extraordinaire, Phil LaMarr. Many people know him as a comedian on Madd TV and for his voice on Futurama. He’s also done plenty of voice acting work for video games including Metal Gear Solid 2 as the character Vamp. We discussed his successful career as a voice actor and some of his favorite video games.

Listen to the full audio interview here:

Quick facts about Phil LaMarr

Favorite games?
Metal Gear Solid, MLB The Show and fighting games.

Favorite fighting game?
Tekken series

Favorite Tekken fighter?
Paul Phoenix

Favorite video game voice acting role?:
Vamp from the Metal Gear Solid series

Favorite classic gaming console?

Mac or PC?

PS3 or Xbox 360?

Phil LaMarr also told us about his web series called Inside the Legend. A comedy series starring himself and Vanessa Ragland as TV show hosts who interview legendary and notorious historic figures. The shows take on a comedic satyr theme while remaining light hearted and enjoyable. You can watch the latest episode featuring Joan of Arc below…

Also, you can catch Phil LaMarr at New York Comicon Oct 11-14 2012!

Phil LaMarr Official Site

Phil LaMarr’s Inside The Legend (Web Show)

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This interview was recorded at Saboten Con 2012 in Arizona.

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