Remember the Linking Book from Myst? This guy made one.

We all should remember Myst. Back in its day it was the highest selling game of all time, and for quite a while at that. Inside the game you come across various foreign and unusual technologies, one of which is the “Linking Book” (You can see it in this gameplay video). It allowed people to record video messages so that others could view them later. It was also possible to use them as a communication device. Australian artist and Myst super fan RIUM+ aka Mike Ando decided to take things in his own hands and make it a reality. Check out the demonstration video below…

RIUM+ has wanted to make his own Linking Book ever since playing the first Myst as he explains in an interview with Wired

“Ever since I first played the game, I always wanted my own linking book. Of course, there was no way my old bulky 486 would fit within a book, but as time marched on technology advanced and computers became smaller. Eventually technology caught up and it was possible to shrink everything down to fit inside the book.”

It’s basically a custom made computer fit into an antique, restored book with a touchscreen inside. Special attention to detail was paid, using the same book that Cyan themselves scanned for the book graphic in the Myst game… Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, Volume LIV, Issue 312, December 1876 to May 1877. That’s right… a 150 year old book. He then had the book restored and gutted it so he could put the tiny computer he custom designed inside of it. He also loaded it not only with realMyst (the remade version of Myst), but the entire Myst series and its offshoots, included the highly acclaimed sequel, Riven. All of it is controlled via touchscreen over the built in LCD. It’s got a rechargeable battery inside too. RIUM+ also took special care to design the Real Myst Book to be low heat by using low power consumption parts. Overall, a very impressive and comprehensive collection. If you’re a die hard Myst fan and want the Real Myst Book after its 6 years in the making you can own it for the price of $15,625.

Official Real Myst Book Site 


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