HTML5 Port of the Classic RTS Dune II Plays Right In Your Browser

Good news for you cheap gamers out there, Russian programmer Aleksander Guryanov has ported the RTS PC DOS classic Dune II right to your browser. He made it happen with HTML5 and Javascript so you can play it in basically any modern browser and even most mobile phone/tablet browsers. It’s based on the OpenDune project, which was originally created to port the original Dune II game to modern computers as open source.

Dune II HTML 5 Javascript Free Browser Game

The results are quite satisfactory and give players a great, free version of the classic to play. Dune II is considered the blueprint for modern RTS games and was created by the now closed game developer, Westwood Studios. It was released in 1994 on DOS and then later ported to Amiga, Sega Genesis, and RISC OS. Besides Dune II, Westwood Studios is probably most well known for creating Command & Conquer.

Play Dune II in your browser right now

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