Say Hello to Nintendo Force, the “spiritual successor” to Nintendo Power

Nintendo Force Issue 1 Magazine Cover

Today marks the official launch of Nintendo Force, the self proclaimed “spiritual successor” to Nintendo’s own Nintendo Power magazine. Nintendo Power was, sadly, put to rest last month after a 25 year run. Nintendo Force, while not in any way directly endorsed by Nintendo, does however look to be pretty promising for fresh and exclusive Nintendo content. The idea seems to have been born in the mind of IGN’s Nintendo journalist Lucas Thomas, and on board are some of the biggest names in Nintendo fan journalism, including Kevin Cassidy of GoNintendo and Johnathan Holmes of Destructoid. The first issue, adorned with the cover art of Fire Emblem: Awakening (due to launch next month for 3DS in NA), promises an in depth look into Fire Emblem: Awakening. Inside are also the usual reviews of some of the big games that have recently released, as well some exclusive content on Renegade Kid’s new HD version of Mutant Mudds set to launch soon on the Wii U eShop. Nintendo Force is available as of today through MagCloud and can be ordered as a digital copy or in print to order form. Check out the Nintendo Force staff’s Miis

Nintendo Force Issue 1 Magazine staff


Another interesting detail about the Nintendo Force magazine is that it’s entirely ad free and the money that you pay to buy it is being donated to a yet unnamed children-in-need charity. They put it like this…

“But there are a couple of things that should soften the blow here – first, Nintendo Force Magazine contains no ads. We’re cover-to-cover content, so none of your money is buying a two-page spread for a steakhouse. Where your money is going is the second thing to remember:

Proceeds for your purchase are going to charity. We’re honoring NP’s legacy here and doing this as a labor of love, so when you buy Nintendo Force, you’re supporting kids that could use a helping hand.”

Nintendo Force Official Site

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