5 Truly Epic Video Game Cosplays!

I just wanted to give a small shout out to some amazing cosplayers that I’ve seen on the internet. I, myself as a cosplayer, want to give some sweet respects to these epic and badass cosplayers. Keep it going guys!

First, we have a cool Street Fighter Chun-Li cosplay done by Neferet_Ichigo on Cosplay.com This cosplay was done well, even the make-up looks authentic…

Street Fighter Chun-Li cosplay done by Neferet_Ichigo2 BabySoftMurderHandsStreetFighterChun-LicosplayNeferet_Ichigo1

Next is an awesome duet cosplay of Scorpian and Kitana from the Mortal Kombat series done by Kelume and DANQUISH on DeviantArt, these guys got credited and featured by Attack of the Show on G4 TV

BabySoftMurderHandsKitanacosplayMortalKombatKelume BabySoftMurderHandsScorpiancosplayMortalKombatDANQUISH BabySoftMurderHandsScorpianKitanacosplayMortalKombatKelumeDANQUISH1 BabySoftMurderHandsScorpianKitanacosplayMortalKombatKelumeDANQUISH2

Now here is an outrageous PainWheel cosplay from Skull Girls done by Annisoptera also on DeviantArt, she and her group got some love on twitter by Skull Girls’ animators, too…

BabySoftMurderHandsPainWheelcosplaySkull GirlsAnnisoptera1 BabySoftMurderHandsPainWheelcosplaySkull GirlsAnnisoptera2 BabySoftMurderHandsPainWheelcosplaySkull GirlsAnnisoptera3

Last but not least is a Jet Set Radio Future cosplay of Beat done by animepunk1 on DeviantArt, he even had a group including Rokakku Police…

BabySoftMurderHandsJetSetRadioFuturecosplayBeatAnimepunk1 BabySoftMurderHandsJetSetRadioFuturecosplayBeatAnimepunk1=2


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