[Updated] Sources “confirm” prototype PS4 Controller

PS4 Playstation 4 controller prototype

A photo of an alleged Playstation 4 controller has been posted on Destructoid and other gaming sites. The photo is supposedly an early prototype from PS4 developer kits (aka Playstation Orbis). Based on the photograph, we see the familiar Playstation face buttons, 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, the “PS” button and shoulder buttons. Interestingly, the analog sticks are round on the top with a smooth finish. Furthermore, some sort of sensors can be seen on the front of the controller. A shiny black sensor could be a touchscreen or some sort of touch control. Below that are some holes which could be for a speaker or microphone… or a combination. Finally, we have a glowing light on top of the controller. This could simply be decorative or it could be interactive. Rumors have said that the PS4 will have biometric controls, what if the light reacted to your heart rate or other bio indicators? Destructoid claims multiple sources have confirmed that this is indeed a very early prototype of the PS4 controller. The sources and the photo are anonymous, therefor you can file this all in the rumors and speculation bin.

[UPDATE Feb 15 2013] A new photo of the same controller has surfaced on reddit. We can see now in a bit more detail the face of the supposed PS4 controller. The bottom reveals what looks like a headphone jack.

Sources confirm prototype Playstation 4 PS4 Controller new

Furthermore, Eurogamer.net has posted an analysis claiming the blue light on the top of the controller for is for Playstation Move connectivity. Additionally, they say their sources have confirmed that the unit in the back is truly an Orbis / Playstation 4 development kit.

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