Gambling Virtually in Video Games

Video games often simulate parts of real life. Some of these parts are action packed things we may never do… like defeat 100 ninjas… or drive 10 different Lamborghini’s. It can simulate things that we enjoy but can’t afford to do all the time. Like gambling. Gambling in video games has existed for a very long time. Poker and other games have appeared in numerous titles. We’ve compiled a short list of video games that make gambling a useful and fun component of the game.

Shenmue II by Sega (Xbox, Dreamcast)
In Shenmue II, you play Ryo Hazuki. He’s a Japanese dude trying to get revenge for the death of his father. This adventure takes him all the way to China. Just like in the first game, Ryo can make cash by selling toy capsules to pawn shops or by getting a job (yeah right). The other way he can make money is by gambling (in the first Shenmue you only won prizes). There are various modes of gambling in Shenmue II, ranging from street fights and arm wrestling, to slot machines, darts, and pachinko. Learn more about gambling in Shenmue II.

gambling in Shenmue II

Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)
Red Dead Redemption 
follows the story of an ex-outlaw, John Marston, who’s family is kidnapped by the government. In order to save his family, he must act as a bounty hunter and bring his former gang members to justice. In the game, there are casinos which you can play at and win. This gets more interesting with the DLC pack Liars and Cheats, which includes multiplayer poker and even poker tournaments in the game. Learn more about poker in Red Dead Redemption.

poker in Red Dead Redemption

Rage by id Software (PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC)
Id Software
may be known for mindless, yet addictive FPS games but with Rage they switched up their style. In the game, you play a Marine who was cryogenically stowed away in an arc while the Earth was smashed by an asteroid. When you get out, you realize shit has really hit the fan. During the game, you need to fund your ammo and supplies. Besides doing odd jobs around town and looking for loot in the sewers, another way to profit in the game is by gambling in town. The games range from a collectible card game, to hand stab, to a dice rolling game. Learn more about gambling in Rage.

gambling in Rage

What’s your favorite video game to include gambling?

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