Retrospective: Quake in the Eyes of a Girl Who’s Never Played an FPS

This was written by a girl in her mid 20’s who’s gaming experience includes watching her cousins play on the Sega Genesis, casual play of Grand Theft Auto on PS2 and playing Candy Crush Saga on her iPod Touch. We set her up with id Software’s iconic FPS, Quake, on her laptop and had her give it a go. Here’s what she thought…

I’m not a gamer. I’ve never really played games on my computer other than like SimCity when I was a kid and Oregon Trail when I was an even younger kid…
Bo got me set up with the objective to play some games with him. I downloaded Quake on Steam (that’s another thing I’m new at) and I started out playing on my own… that was an adventure. I think I did 2 different levels and couldn’t figure out how to finish one of them. I’ve never played games that needed a mouse and the computer. I was using just the keys and the touch pad at first, and later on I got a mouse from one of my sisters which made it much more easy to control. Honestly, I’m a wimp and the monsters did scare me… but yeah it was fun. I just had to get used to the foreboding growling and having to explode doggies. 🙁 Next was playing the game online. It took a while and some downloading of extra jazz, but Bo finally got it so that we could play the game together (Co-Op play). By that time, I was used to the controls and how to navigate. Usually when playing with him I’d just hang back and let him do most of the mutilating; and still I got killed first! I was playing on “Easy difficulty” when I played by myself, and he made me play on the one that you have to jump across lava (Hard difficulty)! It took me like 6 tries to just get into the game! But yeah, I suck at jumping to things, I don’t think I’ll get the hang of jumping.

Quake in the Eyes of a Girl Who's Never Played an FPS 2

Quake in the Eyes of a Girl Who's Never Played an FPS 1

The game was fun. It was fun to shoot things and play with Bo even though he was busting my chops about finding him every time I died (frequently) . I’ll play it more but probably mostly with him cause I suck too much at it still.

By Melissa B (Guest Writer)

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  1. Ah it’s good to hear another girl is getting more into video games. I hope Mel keeps trying out more games and has a ton more fun.

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