KickStarter iOS App – Let’s You Crowd Fund on the Go


February 14, 2013, a free App for iPhone and iPod Touch was released by KickStarter. It allows users to find and follow projects, while creators can view and track pledges anywhere on the go. (As long as you have an iOS device, of course.)

For the supporting users, you browse projects by category or even search for Kickstarters close to their own location. This App allows users to watch videos and contribute to projects via mobile iOS devices. As in you could support Tom Hall’s Kickstarter Worlds of Wander on your iPod Touch, or you could support a local convention from your iPhone, ahhh the endless amounts of support you could give while being out and about. The Kickstarter mobile App also features an ‘Activity’ tab, where you can view updates on projects you follow and support.  The new updates will stream as soon as creators post them. This Kickstarter app will also allow social networking features to find Facebook ‘friends’ and get notifications when they create a project, too.
For creators, this App allows you to see what support you’re getting. Basically, as soon as you get a new pledge; You’ll know. Also creators can track progress on their projects and can share video and photo media via their mobile iOS device. Unfortunately, it seems the Kickstarter App will not be on the Android any time soon. A representative from Kickstarter stated, “We’re really just focused on this app for iPhone now.” 

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