Quakecon 2013 Announced

Quakecon 2013 c

id Software’s yearly event has finally been announced. Quakecon is one of the world’s largest LAN parties often called the “woodstock of gaming.” Fan’s of id Software and Bethesda are the focus here, although there are all types of games being played in the BYOC room. That’s Bring Your Own Computer. Besides that, id Software usually shows off something new and juicy for fans including panels with industry giants including Valve and more. Last year’s was great, showing off the Oculus Rift, where we were on the scene and got to try it out (amazing by the way). John Carmack gave an almost 3 hour keynote, and he, along with Palmer Lucky and Michael Abrash, discussed virtual reality. This year, there is a possibility we may finally see some Doom 4 footage. Here’s hoping for Quakecon: Doomcon Edition.

Quakecon Official Site

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