Respawn: Tweet Suggests Ex-Infinity Ward/COD Devs to Debut Their New Game at E3

Respawn Entertainment will apparently be at this years E3 event, atleast according to tweets from the company’s co-founder, Vince Zampella.

Respawn Entertainment E3 2013 tweet

EA even got on the Twitter love-fest…

Respawn Entertainment E3 2013 tweet EA

For those who don’t know, Respawn Entertainment is formed from many of the core Infinity Ward developers, the creators of the Call of Duty franchise. Much of the Respawn Entertainment team has worked on multiple Call of Duty titles up to Modern Warfare 2, when Infinity Ward was restarted by Activision. Since then, Respawn has been working on a secret new game for EA, who is interestingly the publisher of the COD series’ main competitors, Medal of Honor (where the Infinity Ward/Respawn founders worked previously) and Battlefield. The Medal of Honor franchise has been removed from the sequel rotation according to EA and supposedly, there will be a new Battlefield game released this year. It’s a possibility that Respawn could be working on Battlefield 4, although it’s also entirely possible that they’re making a brand new IP. One thing that does seem likely is that they’re making an FPS, not just because of the team’s track record, but also because they’ve already gone out to a range to record gun sounds.

In my own opinion, I’d really like to see a new IP from them. A Call of Duty killer if you will, or rather, a Call of Duty challenger.

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