Sony dodges questions about Team Ico’s The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian PS4

Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio, recently discussed the PS4 launch in Europe. Among the questions he was asked, were a few regarding the largely anticipated and delayed Team Ico game, The Last Guardian. Shuhei Yoshida avoided answering the questions directly despite multiple attempts. Currently, The Last Guardian is supposed to be a PS3 game, but rumors and statements have surfaced that have suggested it may surface as a Playstation 4 game.

Here’s how the interview went…

Eurogamer: In terms of the stuff you really do have responsibility for, like the first-party titles, there was talk tonight of some games appearing on both PS4 and PS3 from some companies. Will we see that with PS3 titles that have already been announced, like Beyond and The Last Guardian?

Shuhei Yoshida: [Laughs] That’s an interesting question! So we announced four titles from Worldwide Studios but we have more games in development for PS4 —

Eurogamer: Well I think if you can’t play big PS3 games on PS4 [which is what David Perry said] —

Shuhei Yoshida: — Right.

Eurogamer: And Beyond is a big PS3 game loads of people want to play, and The Last Guardian is something I really want to play – I want to play them on the new console. Because once that new console comes out, I’m going to move the PS3 to a different part of the room, you know what I mean?

Shuhei Yoshida: [Pause]

In a different statement, made at an event right after the Playstation Event in New York, Yoshida said, “I’m not ready to talk about [The Last Guardian] — sorry. We’ve broken promises. We are waiting for the right to time reintroduce The Last Guardian. I’m not going to say anything beyond what [lead designer Fumito Ueda] said.

Clearly, Sony is being careful not to make promises regarding future titles. The fact that the PS4 will not be able to natively play Playstation 3 games would certainly influence Sony to change a number of their upcoming games to Playstation 4. The alternative consequence to this would be making a very competitive market between the PS3 and PS4, similar to the PSP and PS Vita situation. Historically, the cheaper system of the 2 will win.

I for one, was quite disappointed that Sony didn’t mention The Last Guardian at all. Ultimately, Yoshida didn’t say “no”, which in the gaming business world, often means yes.

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