New Strider artwork leaked & Steam achievement discovered

One of my favorite games of all time, Strider, might be due up for a remake from what we can tell. Leaked artwork has popped up on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade website in addition to an achievement found in Steam’s databases. While these clues are short of a real announcement, Capcom will supposedly be revealing 2 new games at PAX East this weekend in Boston.

Here is the leaked Strider artwork…
Strider reboot 2013 title 2

Strider reboot 2013 title

If you’ve never played the original Capcom arcade game from 1989, Strider, check out this gameplay video…

Rumors suggest that Ninja Theory, developer of the Devil May Cry reboot (DmC) will be developing the Strider reboot. Furthermore, Ninja Theory has tweeted that they will be at GDC 2013. The fact that Strider was found on the Xbox Live Arcade site also hints towards it being either a 2.5D remake or reboot of some sort, not a AAA remake.

On a personal level, I hope that Koichi Yotsui has some involvement, because every action game he’s made since Strider has played like Strider (but with improved controls). This includes the obscure arcade game Osman and the more recently released Moon Diver.


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