Arc System Works working on a new fighting game IP for PS4

ark systemworks guilty gear blazblue ps4

If you like 2D fighters, chances are you’re familiar with Arc System Works and it’s lineage of fighters like Guilty Gear X and BlazblueBlazblue Director Toshimichi Mori explained to Japanese magazine Dengeki that he’s looking forward to the PS4 although has his reservations about development cost. He is also interested in the use of the Playstation 4‘s Share button although wonders if less “connected” countries will lose some of it’s value. He also elaborates that with the PS3, his team was limited to only being able to show 2 characters on screen due to it’s RAM limitations. He says the PS4 will have enough resources to display 4 characters. This could hint at the next Arc System Works game being a possible 4 player fighter or even a tag team fighting game. Furthermore, Mori confirms that Arc System Works is working on a new PS4 game but that he cannot confirm the title of it. He also added that, “We’re a fighting game maker – so we’re thinking of doing a fighting game. I want to make a new title to follow Guilty Gear and BlazBlue – a third title. Guilty Gear was made for Dreamcast originally, BlazBlue was meant for PS3 soon after it launched – so now that PS4 is coming out we’d like to make a completely new title for it.”

Toshimichi Mori also expressed his satisfaction with development for the Playstation Vita, which both BlazBlue and Guilty Gear are on. This could potentially lead to further releases from Arc System Works on Sony’s portable system.


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