French company creates a highly realistic VR world using CryEngine 3 for business purposes

Enodo CryEngine 3 VR marketing

They may not make video games, but French company Enodo is utilizing high performance game graphics engines to offer engaging virtual reality experiences for your potential clients. Want to see how the car of your dreams looks from all angles? Want to know how the chrome rims will look at night? Wondering just how spacious the hotel lobby is for your next trip? Or perhaps you want to know what it’s like to walk around the park in real time next to the apartment you’ve been considering. No longer will you be restricted to a non interactive video clip. Now you can do these things, virtually. That’s Enodo’s pitch and the breath taking demoreel they’ve produced below is a compelling argument for using video game technology for VR marketing…

The demo above was created using Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the technology behind hit games like Crysis 3 and next gen games including Star Citizen. It shows once again how good next gen and PC graphics can really be.

Enodo official site

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