Keiji Inafune discusses Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z with Yosuke Hayashi (Team Ninja)

Keiji Inafune Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z Yosuke Hayashi Team Ninja

Keiji Inafune sits down and discusses his latest game, Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z with Team Ninja head Yosuke Hayashi. For those that are not familiar, Inafune is the co-creator of Capcom’s Mega Man, having produced several games in the series along with creating the Dead Rising franchise. This video gives you an insight into the concepts and work flow of the experienced Inafune, a rare opportunity.

The 2 game designers answer questions about Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z chosen by the Team Ninja staff. It goes over the process of making the cybernetic zombie ninja game with US developer Spark Unlimited in conjunction with Team Ninja and Inafune’s Comcept.

Here’s what we learned about Yaiba

  • It’s based in the Ukraine, although it may end elsewhere
  • Development is going well
  • Interested in community feedback from the preview
  • Cyborg arm will be tied in to the gameplay system. Although no specifics about it were revealed, they expressed that pretty much anything could be done with it in terms of game design.
  • The game is targeted for an M rating. When asked if the story will have “sexiness” in it, he joked about Tecmo Koei’s reputation for sexy women and their breasts.

Watch the full 12 minute video below…

Watch the Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z teaser…

As you can see, they’re very interested in user feedback based on the preview and information available. You can interact with them via the Team Ninja twitter.

Yaiba Official Site

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