World 1-2: Collection of chiptunes including work by Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden & Silent Hill composers

World 1-2 chiptune collection

Miss the days of classic 8-bit video game soundtracks? Indie apps not filling chip-tune desires? World 1-2 might just hit the spot with his mix of modern dance music and classic chip tune sounds. This isn’t just any compilation either, it includes new works by luminary VGM composers including Manami Matsumae (1987 Mega Man, Shovel Knight), Keiji Yamagishi (1988 Ninja Gaiden), and Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill). Of the 5 tracks we previewed, the highlight so far is easily Manami Matsumae’s One Shot, One Kill which does it’s best to make you feel like you’re in your living room again, holding a 2 button controller. The other tracks previewed range from new chiptune compositions to your generic “EDM” meets chiptune stylings which rose to prevalence via sites like OCRemix.

Preview the 5 chiptune inspired tracks below…

World 1-2 is due for release on May 2, 2013 by GameChops via BandCamp. We’re looking forward to hearing the full release and will post a full review then.

World 1-2 Website

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