IGN bashes Soul Sacrifice for not being “arcadey”… begs the question why people visit that site anymore

Soul Sacrifice Playstation Vita screenshot 1

In the usual perpetuation of media trash that spews from IGN (and other mainstream gaming sites) is yet another article bashing a quality title for not being easy enough. Rather than praising the title for it’s qualities, they made a whole video complaining about how Soul Sacrifice is not an easy enough game to play. They described it as having a “steep learning curve” and not being “arcadey”. By their standards, these are reasons why Soul Sacrifice shouldn’t be the Playstation Vita’s killer app. I struggle to find the purpose of this IGN piece guessing that it could only be for controversy or that they really are shitty gamers. Trust me, as a gamer, I appreciate the distribution of honest information about video games; on the other hand it’s tiring to see worthless commentary that inaccurately influences gamers and negatively effects high quality, original titles. I guess it’s just another example of major gaming sites scattering for content and just resorting to title bashing which gains a lot of comments consequently boosting their site traffic.

You can watch the video here.

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