Movies For Gamers: The Boondock Saints (1999)

Movies For Gamers is a section of where we post and discuss a trailer for a classic cult movie. The movies we select will hopefully be movies that gamers will love too. And of course, if you haven’t seen it, we’ll give you a link to get it.

The Boondock Saints 1999 poster

A box office flop that almost didn’t even get released, The Boondock Saints is a crime film with a huge cult following revolving around 2 Irish fraternal twins who work as meat packers, Connor McManus (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy McManus (Norman Reedus). The Russian mafia come to their local pub to “evict” the owner but end up getting owned by a bunch of drunken patrons, 2 of which include the brothers. This puts them on a hitlist in which they’re forced to kill the hit men sent after them. Consequently, it inspires the life changing decision to for them to become vigilantes dedicated to ridding their city, Boston, Ma, of crime. In the rush of things, eccentric, cross dressing FBI Special Agent Paul Smecker (Willem Dafoe) picks up their scent and insanity ensues. The Boondock Saints is noted for it’s cinematic shoot outs, quirky comedy, and distinct characters.

The Boondock Saints scene

No video games have been produced for The Boondock Saints although gamers should be able to enjoy it’s blend of action and quirky comedy. In 2012, a The Boondock Saints video game was announced, but there hasn’t been any further reports about it.

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