Gaming Events at Saboten Con 2015 (Phoenix, AZ)

Saboten Con 2014 Cosplay Street Fighter Sexy Female Bison

Saboten Con is a yearly anime convention in the Phoenix, Arizona area. This year, they’ve moved from the more rural (and out of the way) Glendale location to the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Phoenix. Guests include voice actors from anime and video games, Japanese bands, and more.

We’ve highlighted some of the video game events that will be happening during Saboten Con 2015…

Mario Party (details)
A family friendly panel will be filled with mini-games referencing Mario Party video games. Multiple style of games will be played, along with music and prizes.

The Working Title (details)
Discuss video games that could have been, why some games don’t make it through development, and what fans can do as a community to support the production of the games they want.

You NEED to Play This (details)
There are lots of video games out there, and unfortunately many slip under our radar. Take a look at the various gems hidden in the rough that is the gaming world.

PC Horror Gaming (details)
Watch and play PC horror games with other fans. Huddle together with the lights off while playing fan favorites like ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s’.

Tabletop gamers will also find some fun here as there will be fantasy games such as Dungeons & Dragons going on throughout the con.

Notable guests also include Rika Muranaka (singer and composer for Konami) and Ai Maeda (singer and composer for Digimon). There are also a whole bunch of voice actors who’ve worked on hundreds of cartoons and video games.

Of course, it goes without saying that there will COSPLAY OVERLOAD there… Saboten Con always has a strong showing of gaming and anime cosplay. This year should be no different.

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