Reasons to get Amazon Prime For Gamers

Amazon Prime for Gamers

Amazon is one of the easiest ways to buy your favorite video games. Being one of the largest online marketplaces has its benefits for gamers and consumers. Prices are often the lowest found online and they usually have a huge stock of the newest games, sales and exclusive deals. Amazon is now offering gamers another reason to get Amazon Prime.

All new and pre-order games are now 20% off for Amazon Prime members.

If that’s not enough there are a lot of other features that gamers can take advantage of with Amazon Prime.

Hassle free Pre-Orders:
Tom Clancy's The Division Collector's Edition Amazon PrimePrime members can also enjoy Release Day Delivery for all video game pre-orders. That means you get the game on the release date without waiting in line just to find out its sold out. Amazon Prime members also get free two-day shipping on all prime orders (even non-video game related ones) made through Amazon. Amazon makes sure you’re not getting taken for buying a pre-order as well, all Pre-Orders come with a guarantee that the price will be the lowest price offered by Amazon from the time you purchase the pre-order to the day of the release date.  Another benifet for pre-ordering with Amazon isthat they usually have Amazon Exclusive Pre-Order Bonuses. That can mean anything from extra DLCs to Posters and Art Books.

Ad-FrDestiny Original Soundtrackee Music Streaming:
With Amazon Prime you get access to their massive music collection. That means tons of video game music soundtracks or whatever else you’re into available for ad-free streaming. You can also make playlists for your gaming sessions.

Streaming Movies, Television Shows:
Pokemon Origins Amazon PrimeWhen you’re not playing video games you’re probably watching movies or tv right?  Amazon Prime Members get access to an expansive collection of exclusive television shows, movies and other series including anime. It’s kind of like a Netflix for Amazon members but comes free when you get Amazon Prime.

Early Access to Lightning Deals:
If you’re a gamer on a budget Life is Strange Limited Edition Amazon Primeyou probably already know about Amazon Lightning deals. They’re time sensitive deals that run out when the stock runs out. Amazon Prime Members get 30 minutes of early access to these deals, this can be really worth it during those hard sale months with some sale copies of games running out before the 30 minutes early access is over.

There’s a great deal of reasons to get an Amazon Prime Membership especially if you’re a gamer. And to make things even easier Amazon offers free 30 day trials for Amazon Prime!

Sign up for a 30 Day free trial of Amazon Prime HERE or below:

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