22 Years Later… DOOM co-creator John Romero makes a new level

And it’s awesome. John Romero, one of the main creators of the smash hit 1993 FPS, DOOM by id Software, has released a brand new level for the game for free on social media profiles. The level offers a challenging, yet classic style DOOM level utilizing abstract level design. Romero states that the entire stage was made using assets from the shareware version of Doom, so it can be played even if you have the free version of the game. The included read me file indicates the build time for the level was 2 weeks “in spare time”.  Certainly not a bad job considering the 22 year hiatus.

john romero doom level copy

UPDATE: It should be playable on pretty much any source port including ZDOOM and Zandronum. Furthermore, Romero responded to some questions on Twitter which indicate that the level is designed to be played in the classic style mouselook and jump both disabled. Having play tested a bit of this level, it also seems that playing it with openGL graphics will enable additional lighting in some parts of the level, however it still playable (although harder) to play it with GL lighting.

John Romero’s new Doom WAD is available for free download via dropbox.

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This article includes resources gathered from our in-house investigative reporter, George Eleftheriou

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