NO MAN’S SKY Pre-Order Deal: 20% Discount Plus Gameplay Video and Screenshots

No Man's Sky on Sale

No Man’s Sky is a highly anticipated adventure and survival game with a science fiction twist. The game features unlimited gameplay as the player explores an infinite procedurally generated galaxy in their own Alpha Vector Ship. You can be the first to inhabit new planets, discover uniquely generated wildlife, environments, and, artifacts while trying to survive in new and dangerous elements. Players can experience No Man’s Sky expanding open world anyway they want to from collecting materials to upgrade their gear, universe exploration,  or participating in massive battles, the decision is up to them. No Man’s Sky’s release date is set for June 21, 2016 at 12:00 AM PST.

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The stunning graphics and interesting and immersive aesthetics can be seen in the following gameplay video trailer and photographs released by HelloGames.

No Man's Sky Screenshot No Man's Sky Screenshot No Man's Sky Screenshot No Man's Sky Screenshot dinosaur diplo Fleet No Man's Sky Screenshot NoMansSky_Monolith No Man's Sky Screenshot NoMansSky_TradingPost No Man's Sky Screenshot No Man's Sky Screenshot NoMansSky_SpaceStationTube

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