AWESOME GAMING COSPLAY: Pokémon Gijinka Edition

Awesome Gaming Cosplay features new gaming costumes from international professional and amateur cosplayers. We collect intricate and interesting photographs of favorite gaming characters. This week we bring you some awesome Pokémon Gijinka cosplay. Gijinka is the Japanese term for the humanization of animals or in this case Pokémon.  Some very creative fans have put together pretty amazing gijinka realizations of their favourite Pokémon.

Bouffalant Gijinka Cosplay By HeatherAfter Photo By Jason P. Martin Cosplay Pokemon gijinkabouffalant







Bouffalant Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By HeatherAfter Photo By Jason P. Martin

Suicune Pokemon cosplay gijimka Suicune Pokemon cosplay gijimka

Suicune Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By KOCosplay

exploud cosplay pokemon gijinka exploud cosplay pokemon gijinkaexploud

Exploud Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By SeknoKusanagi

ho-oh pokemon gijinka cosplayho-oh

Ho-Oh Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By Elisa Mahnke

Tayla Barter (Kinpatsu) Cubone of Pokemon Cosplaycubone

Cubone Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By Tayla Barter (Kinpatsu) 


Gijinka Eeveelutions

2Q==-2Eevee Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay By  Arlena Fae

Glaceon Published by KyraKitsune gijinka cosplay pokemonGlaceon Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay by KyraKitsune

Flafeon: Cosmik General Espeon: Nana Kitsune Leafeon: Zakito Photo by: Vivid+ Photography (Alan Wong)-3000 cosplay gijinka pokemonFlareon: Cosmik General Espeon: Nana Kitsune Leafeon: Zakito SOURCE

Vaporeon Published by DeinoBelle cosplay gijinka pokemonVaporeon Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay by DeinoBelle

Jolteon Series Pokemon gijinka owl depot cosplayJolteon Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay by OwlDepot

Espeon Umbreon of Pokemon gijinka cosplay

Umbreon and Espeon Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay by  rk

Pixie Late Sylveon cosplay gijinka pokemon cuteSylveon Pokémon Gijinka Cosplay by Pixie Late


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