Gamer’s Paradise: A Party for Gamers in Phoenix, Arizona


When it comes to nightlife entertainment for gamers, there isn’t really much available, short of a “cosplay ball” during Comicon or “nerd” themed party nights. That is, until now. Gamer’s Paradise Party is a brand new music event series blending the cutting edge sound of EDM (electronic dance music) along with the fun and cool factor of video games. Gamer’s Paradise Party was founded and developed by DJ and electronic music artist Mercurius FM because of his passion for video games. While he normally can be heard releasing underground dance music on a variety of record labels around the world including his own label, Broken Synth Recordings, Mercurius FM is focusing on EDM remixes of video game music for Gamer’s Paradise. His DJ playlists span a variety of genres including trap, house, synthwave, and jersey club featuring remixes from up and coming video game remixers such as Robkta, Ben Briggs, and Holder. He spends hours each week looking for fresh remixes from labels such as GameChops, as well as those released independently. In some cases, he also makes his own remixes to play out during the party. While always a passion of Mercurius FM’s, video game music is also something he has already achieved some success with, garnering multiple awards composing his own game soundtracks in the indie game dev scene.

Mercurius FM Cobra Arcade Gamer's Paradise
A busy bar with happy gamers is a usual occurrance during Gamer’s Paradise

The first venue for Gamer’s Paradise Party is Cobra Arcade, the number one rated arcade in Phoenix, Az. With a great venue that is home to over 40 restored vintage arcade machines and a killer DJ format, the party has already enjoyed success with gamers in the area along with enthusiasm about the concept from people in other cities.

mercurius fm gamers paradise chun li cosplay comicon
Mercurius FM DJing for Cobra Arcade at Phoenix Comicon while a Chun Li cosplayer poses

Mercurius FM is planning on expanding the brand very soon with video game remix albums, live Twitch streams, and original music released in conjunction with his hand selected business alliances locally and abroad. Partners such as Cosplay & Fan Gear aid the project with promotional materials. His record label, Broken Synth, offers free downloads to all visitors of the party. And his design company, Mercurius Creative, handles all branding and social media efforts. It’s just the beginning for the party as he is also developing unique visuals, giveaways, and relationships with special guests to make Gamer’s Paradise Party even better for gamers. “Gamer’s Paradise is all about the gamers,” Mercurius FM says, “It’s a place for us to enjoy and hear the special music that is so important to us in a new and exciting way.”

As of this writing, Gamer’s Paradise is held every Tuesday at 9pm at Cobra Arcade Bar.  (Future Event Listings)

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