Supernatural Phoenix Convention 2016 Photo Gallery

Supernatural Phoenix Logo
Supernatural Phoenix Logo

The Supernatural Convention came to Phoenix! The convention featured the main stars: Jared PadaleckiJensen Ackles, and Misha Collins, from the show Supernatural as well as more guests (Did you know God was there, too?)

This convention, although small in size, showed that the Supernatural cast and fandom are like one big family. You could feel the fans radiating with happiness as well as kindness towards each other. The convention itself gave a friendly air to its attendees.  As soon as you walked into the main lobby of the convention you could see tables set up to help support charities like You Are Not Alone (YANA) and Always Keep Fighting (AKF), which were started by the cast to help those who struggle with mental illnesses. The panels were light hearted, hilarious, and fun, completing the experience  with performances by Louden Swain and the MC Richard Speight Jr. for each guest’s panel.


Here is our Photo Gallery from Supernatural Phoenix 2016 …..


We recommend this convention to any Supernatural fan in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. The Supernatural Phoenix Con will be returning to Glendale in 2017.

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