Free Video Game Remix Album by Underground EDM Artists

Chances are, if you’re a gamer, you like video game music. Well, the folks over at Gamer’s Paradise Party have a special treat in store for you. On June 13th, during E3, they will be releasing Remixes: Level 1, a free mini album of video game music bent in EDM bangers. From Final Fantasy to Altered Beast, this free download will satisfy a variety of gamers. It’s also garnered the support of other chiptune friendly and EDM DJs including DJ Cutman and Grimecraft (of Gamechops), Flexstyle (OC Remix, Gamechops), Jersey club DJ R3ll, and Dim Mak star ETC!ETC!.

Remixes: Level 1 features remixes by both established and developing electronic music artists such as DJ Sega (Brick Bandits, Mad Decent), Mercurius FM (Broken Synth, Brooklyn Fire Records), and StarStorm (Gamechops). All of the remixers are avid gamers themselves, best said by Philadelphia based DJ Sega, “It’s the simplest melodies from video games that give us the rhythm and motivation to finish whatever level we are on…whether in games…or in life.”

Watch the teaser video:

The entire remix package will be released during E3 and will be available for free download on

If you’re in Phoenix, Az, the head of Gamer’s Paradise Party, Mercurius FM is having a release party on June 13th called B3AT PARADIS3. It features retro video games, video game remix/EDM DJs, and more.

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