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Battlefield 4: Official 17 Minute Gameplay Trailer & Screenshots + Consoles & Release Date time frame

Battlefield 4 title

Well, this confirms the screenshots we found yesterday. Check out this 17 minute long trailer for Battlefield 4, it shows some cinematics and then gameplay. The presentation is top notch, with some of the best looking water I’ve seen in a video game.

Battlefield 4 17 minutes of gameplay trailer…

The hype text EA released to describe the game sums up Battlefield 4 like so…

Battlefield 4™ is the [ Read More... ]

[UPDATE] Leaked Battlefield 4 screenshots look very next gen + Trailer

Battlefield 4, the upcoming military FPS from EA has been pretty hush hush. But fans keep finding little things about Battlefield 4 here and there via leaks. Now we’ve come across some high resolution Battlefield 4 screenshots. While we obviously can’t confirm they’re real, they do look legitimate.

Judge for yourself with these 3 leaked high resolution Battlefield 4 screenshots
Leaked Battlefield 4 screenshots EA DICE 1

Leaked Battlefield 4 screenshots EA DICE 2

Leaked Battlefield 4 screenshots EA DICE 3

Battlefield 4 is supposed to be revealing … [ Read More... ]

Battlefield 4 cover art leaked

A cover art for Battlefield 4 has been leaked, although this has not been confirmed, it appears to be legitimate. Not a lot to report here, so take a look for yourself.

Battlefield 4 cover art leaked

Overall, it looks compelling, although one detail that does look suspect is the “TM” on the right appears to be pretty blurry, which could indicate a chop job/hoax. Battlefield 4 is being developed by DICE using the Frostbite [ Read More... ]

Video Game Comedy Tube: Mario Warfare Episode 1

Mario Warfare

What would happen if 2 of highest selling video games franchises of all time were juxtaposed into an action packed TV series? Mario Warfare is what. It’s the latest web series by independent film producers Beat Down Boogie blending elements from classic games like Mario Bros with modern games like Call of Duty. It was posted about 6 days ago and has already gained over 1.7 million views. You … [ Read More... ]