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DJ Gamers: Deathface Interview

DJ Gamers is a new section dedicated to producers and DJs who are also avid gamers. Whatever flavor of EDM you like, be it dubstep, house, techno or electro; we’ll be finding the best DJ gamers out there.

DJ & producer Deathface (aka Johnny Love) has been making noise for many years, spanning many genres including electro house and dubstep. Deathface’s latest release, Six Feet Deep, continues the dark … [ Read More... ]

Skrillex’s Video Game: Skrillex Quest

Skrillex Quest Skrillex Game Free 1

This is not the newest game, but it’s free. I know thats good news for you cheap gamers out there. It’s also not bad at all. EDM superstar Skrillex has taken the world by storm with distorted take on the dance music subgenre, dubstep. He’s also got a video game. Cheesy, retro and crappy by design,  Skrillex Quest takes you on a Legend of Zelda style adventure to save the … [ Read More... ]