DJ Gamers: Deathface Interview

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DJ & producer Deathface (aka Johnny Love) has been making noise for many years, spanning many genres including electro house and dubstep. Deathface’s latest release, Six Feet Deep, continues the dark sound he’s known for. His signature blend of hardcore punk violently pieced together with electronic music makes for the perfect rave or rioting music. We caught up with Deathface in order to find out what video games he enjoys.

BabySoftMurderHands: Let’s start off with some history, what’s your favorite video game of all time?
Deathface: Probably Final Fantasy Tactics for the PS1, I bought it years ago and now I just got an emulator and play it on my tablet when I travel, I love it.

BSMH: What games are you currently playing?
DF: Black Ops 2 and Dungeon Defenders, I try to not bog myself down with too many distractions or else I don’t work on music.

BSMH: Do you ever get challenged by fans online?
DF: Not really, sometimes kids will add me on XBL but I try to keep my friends list to people who I play with regularly, though some of the guys in the clan I play with figured out who I am and have become fans, which is kinda funny to me.

BSMH: Do you have a favorite video game soundtrack?
DF: Streets of Rage, 16 bit 90s hip house.

BSMH: Have video games ever inspired any of your music?
DF: No but some of my music has been in video games and I’ve been making more and more music thats “soundtrack” -y that would probably fit in some cut scenes etc.

BSMH: If you could make a video game, what would it be like?
DF: It would be a combination of battlefield, real war, and an RPG, that or a really cool sandbox cyberpunk game but I think Watchdogs is going to fulfill that niche really well.

BSMH: Anything new for Deathface in the world of music?
DF: I’ve got some exciting stuff in the works that I cant exactly talk about but theres an album and some more EPs coming in the very near future.

BSMH: How can people keep up the latest Deathface news?
DF: All my websites are consolidated on

Thanks to Deathface for the interview. Keep up with Deathface including music and tour dates via his website.

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