Crystalcosfx & Her Sexy Metal Gear Cosplays

MGS Metal Gear Solid Figure Sweet Raiden Cosplay Crystalcosfx

Crystalcosfx on DeviantArt has a full array of epic Metal Gear costumes. Crystal has been cosplaying since 2005, and her first convention was Comic con in California her home state. Crystalcosfx has also been to the Tokyo Game Show. She creates amazing costuming works from various anime, comics, and obviously video games. Of course, other than creating a great cosplay, having a great photographer and a nice composition puts the whole package together. Above is Crystalcosfx’s Sweet Raiden cosplay. Below is Crystal’s Venus Cosplay from Metal Gear Ac!d.

MGS ACID Metal Gear Acid Ac!d VENUS Cosplay Crystalcosfx


MGS 3 Metal Gear Solid 3 EVA Cosplay Crystalcosfx


Her Metal Gear Solid 3 Eva cosplay is also outstanding. However, this Metal Gear Solid 4 Solid Snake cosplay was made by Crystalcosfx for another cosplayer.

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