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Thief 4 Announced: It’s a reboot + Screenshots leak (Confirmed)


Rumors began yesterday that Thief 4 would be announced today and sure enough it was. Although it is not a sequel, but rather a reboot, Thief is coming out for PC and next gen consoles in 2014. Unfortunately, screenshot and art were leaked, which show you how the Thief reboot will look. Although these images have not yet been confirmed by Eidos, several images matches the art on the … [ Read More... ]

E3: Tomb Raider 2013 Trailer

Okay so everyone’s favorite buxom Brit babe is back, this time though we’re going back to the beginning. This game takes place before the first Tomb Raider, designed to be the origin story to show how the badass babe from across the pond came to be the heroine we know and love. She seems to take quite a beating in this game, through several scenarios she ends up seriously … [ Read More... ]