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Crossover Revealed Left 4 Dead 2 X Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 x Left 4 Dead 2 Nick RE6 x L4D2 announced

A free promotion will make Left 4 Dead 2 characters playable in Resident Evil 6 and the other way around only on PC. Today, Capcom announced a free new crossover promotion that will feature Left 4 Dead 2 characters and creatures to Resident Evil 6  and then vice versa. The main group Left 4 Dead 2 Coach, Ellis, Rochelle, and Nick will be PC-Exclusive  characters in … [ Read More... ]

Valve’s Steam Workshop Making Mods for Your Gaming Needs


Steam Workshop has been out of beta for only about four days now, and they already have tons of amazing video game mods. Steam Workshop streamlines browsing for mods very efficiently and has improved some of the actual gameplay in their mods. Such as being able to help Left 4 Dead 2 have better AI. While using Valve’s Steam Workshop you can download mods which could give you new weapons, … [ Read More... ]