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Play-Lists: 5 Innovations That Changed Games (Vol.1)

Okay, so here are some things that have forever changed the face of gaming, they aren’t in an order per say, but I think they all deserve mention.

1. Voice acting:

Yeah we remember Chrono Trigger… It was great. My favorite RPG of all time even. I even improved my reading skills from it. But now, imagine playing Skyrim…. and having to read everything. Yeah, that sounds like … [ Read More... ]

E3: Splinter Cell Blacklist

Sam Fisher is back, and this time he’s in charge of the newly
formed, Fourth Echelon, a top secret group that operates
above the law and answers only to the President. Your new
assignment is to hunt down and interrogate members vicious
terrorist group. They’ve made plans to attack US interests,
and they won’t stop until either we give up or they stop
breathing. Guess which choice made for … [ Read More... ]