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Video Game Comedy Tube: Mario Warfare Episode 1

Mario Warfare

What would happen if 2 of highest selling video games franchises of all time were juxtaposed into an action packed TV series? Mario Warfare is what. It’s the latest web series by independent film producers Beat Down Boogie blending elements from classic games like Mario Bros with modern games like Call of Duty. It was posted about 6 days ago and has already gained over 1.7 million views. You … [ Read More... ]

The Final Issue of Nintendo Power Comes Full Circle

Featuring Nintendo’s iconic mascot, Mario, sculpted in clay jumping on a mushroom with Bowser in the background, the last issue of Nintendo Power mimics the nostalgic first issue. Much to the dismay of many nostalgic fans, Nintendo Power will be no more. Collectors will want to grab this final issue for sure. The final issue was sculpted by LA based sculptor Leslie Levings.

Nintendo Power Official Site

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New Wii U Nintendo Land Gameplay Video Trailer & Screenshots

Nintendo released a new trailer for its Wii U launch title Nintendo Land demonstrating some of the key games inside the virtual theme park. The tag line for this game is “Nintendo’s biggest game worlds in one giant theme park.

Here is a description of the various games shown inside of Nintendo Land.

Competitive Attractions:

 Animal Crossing Sweet Day

“Eat and Run”

A game where you … [ Read More... ]